So many details when planning a wedding.  The floor plan is often times overlooked.  It can affect the flow of the room, the comfort of the guests, the conversations at each table, and the success of the dance floor.  YES – all of this based simply on who sits where, where you put each table, and how the puzzle fits together!Here are a few tips I’ve picked up along the way:

The DJ!

In a crowded room, the DJ placement can often be an afterthought of the layout.  I have many times found myself pushed back into a corner, far from the dance floor and head table.  Here’s a few things to think about:

  • When DJing a great dance set, it’s best to have the DJ right near the dance floor.  A great DJ picks up on the energy of the floor, and is really a part of the action.
  • When placing a DJ, keep in mind that the DJ has SPEAKERS, and once the dancing starts those speakers get LOUD.  The tables closest to the DJ’s speakers should NOT be the grandparents/older generation.  Place them somewhere that they can see the action without being blown away.


Put the DJ as close to the dance floor as you can, but as far from the old folks as possible.

The Bar!

Many venues come equipped with additional rooms/foyers/lobbys/ect that can be utilized. It is tempting to put your bar outside of the main ball room…but I say that’s a bad idea!  Here’s why:

  • Do you want your guests to have to leave the room, and potentially miss a special moment every time they want a drink?
  • Often times, the same people that frequent the bar are the people that frequent the dance floor.  It’s also easy for a person or group of people to ‘forget’ about the music once they’ve left the room to hit the bar.


If you’ve got an extra space to use up, consider making into a ‘lounge’ for the guests that aren’t interested in dancing.  It’s easy for a DJ to set up a speaker out there with some more relaxed music.  You can also have a second bar out there as well, just make sure the party people have something in the main room to fill up their cups!

The Photobooth!

This is the same as the Bar situation…that many of your guests that frequent the photobooth are also tearing it up on the dance floor.  The best parties have the entertainment laid out so that when and if the crowd thins out, the guests still feel like they’re at a packed in, high energy party!


Keep the photobooth within range of the bar and dance floor.  Lay out the room so the traffic can circulate, without any one area getting too cluttered!

So that’s just a few things to keep in mind… and when in doubt, talk to your DJ!